Hi! We’re looking for more optimistic, collaborative senior experience designers that produce great work. You’ll do more than design; you’ll lead engagements. You’ll set projects up for success. And you won’t do anything alone; we’ll work together to set you up for success. Most importantly, we’ll all have a lot of fun.


We’re a high-end, crafty, fun agency based in San Francisco. The “human” of human-centered isn’t just about the users. It’s also team dynamics and relationship building in the design process (partnering, understanding, advocating, facilitating, and educating). Delivering high-quality products and gracefully managing team dynamics has helped us create stellar relationships with our clients. We’re an optimistic, collaborative and supportive team. You’ll support and be supported by other designers, a Design Director, Strategist, and our CEO.


For our really big clients, we’re usually partnering with their innovation teams or labs. We work with a lot of startups, as well. In almost all cases, we’re brought in to break new ground, show them how to do design in a new way, or design holistically where they’ve been otherwise siloed. We do brand strategy, logos, marketing sites, products, apps, and frontier tech like mixed reality, IoT, etc. There’s a lot of variety: education startups, banking, sports, medtech, and more.


You have experience working with large organizations and small startups. For bigger engagements, you like being at the center of a large, dynamic project; one that others find intimidating and overwhelming. For smaller engagements, you’re excited about being lean and scrappy to get solutions together for rapid iteration.

You like having lots of details to juggle: business requirements, existing design directions, stakeholders with big personalities, established user profiles, technical constraints, brand guidelines, cross-project impacts, user researchers, etc. You realize that business goals and customer needs are the main drivers for all decisions.

You’re self-motivated, organized, and don’t need externally imposed structure to be successful. You’ve got experience not just doing design, but you’ve also developed a UX strategies, points of view, and approaches. You like bringing diverse people together and helping them solve problems together, understanding that managing relationships throughout a project is critical to the project’s success. Your written and oral communication skills are excellent, and you have strong presentation skills.

You’re an expert in the current trends of experience design and design approaches. Ideally, you are knowledgeable about development processes as well as the pros and cons of different front-end technological approaches.


Everything we do we do together. That said, this is a role for someone who can confidently lead.

  • Top responsibility: take pride and joy in creating great designs with your team — concepts, sketches, wireframes, mockups, and prototypes (no code required).   
  • Organize and conduct research about the users, their needs, competitive solutions, and opportunities.
  • Create UX strategy, points of view, and concepts that serve as the foundation for design directions.
  • Create personas, customer journeys, site maps, flows, and other user-centered artifacts that support design.
  • Prep for and facilitate design reviews, both internal and with the client.
  • Tell the story of the project visually to help clients understand the design process and the engagement (diagrams of project stages, timelines of activities, concepts, etc.)
  • Communicate design rationale, research synthesis, and tradeoffs effectively, both in writing and verbally.
  • Ensure quality of all solutions that go out the door, from divergent and insightful concepting at the beginning, to careful attention to detail through the final email.
  • Coach, guide, and encourage other staff when needed.
  • Advocate for the user’s needs and educate clients on best practices.
  • Nice to haves: do pushups, crack goofy jokes, talk about your hair, and/or teach us your favorite dance move.



If you’re interested in working with us, we’d love to hear from you ( Please let us know why we’re a good fit. We’d love to see portfolio examples, too.