Case Study

A Hard-Hitting & Personalized Sports Media Site Concept


We partnered with FoxSports.com, one of the largest sports properties on the web, to create a proof-of-concept that would shape the early strategy of a large-scale redesign. Working closely with the Fox Sports Digital executive team, we reimagined the Fox Sports digital experience with a personalized interface that learns from user behavior without requiring laborious user inputs or controls.

What We Did
  • Information Architecture
  • Design Strategy
  • Interaction Design
  • Visual Design
What We Delivered
  • Proof-of-Concept Framework

Paving the Way for Power Plays

In rethinking the way people want to navigate sports content, we explored new territory for FoxSports.com. At the time, responsive design was in its earliest days, and designers were still discovering the best way to present adaptable content. We presented a grid-based approach that showcased content in an immersive way, encouraging simple exploration.

Leveling the Content Playing Field

The existing site was based on a traditional drill-down navigation structure that expressed the long-standing taxonomy of sport > league > team > player. While this structure made sense categorically, capturing people’s attention with cross-category content was a challenge. We flipped this structure on its head so that content is presented democratically based on interest, not siloed.

Tailored content based on behavior

Fox Sports Content Framework
Fox Sports Tablet Dashboard

One Smart Experience, Any Device

The adaptive navigation learns as you explore, stacking and re-stacking content in your mix to promote what’s most engaging to you. The simple navigation allows you to search or browse through deep content, keeping track of your interests along the way.