Case Study

A Tablet-Friendly Experience to Mobilize Airline Operations


Partnering with major airlines, HP set out to overhaul one of the most complex software systems in the world, known as Sabre—the tool gate, check-in, and reservations agents use every day. HP brought Awasu on to refocus disparate teams and create a solid design framework with scalable interaction patterns. We delivered a user-centric system to support the fast-paced teamwork required to move millions of passengers from departure to arrival.

What We Did
  • Product Definition
  • Concept Model
  • Information Architecture
  • Interaction Design
  • Visual Design
What We Delivered
  • Concept & Interaction Model
  • Design System
  • Design Team Building
  • Moodboards
  • Roadmap Diagrams
  • Content Model
  • Voiceover Demos
  • Prototypes
  • Product Development Plan

A Ground-Up UX Strategy

By making tasks easier for airline employees, HP Agilaire would improve efficiency, simplify operations, and deliver on customer satisfaction. Our first step to untangle the complexities of the airline agent’s workflow and understand the fundamentals. We distilled the travel ecosystem down to key players and their pain points. Identifying the true relationships between flights, passengers, and related objects helped establish a strong foundation for design.

UI screen
HP Workflow

A Workflow that Works

Our new concept mobilizes agents, allowing them to take the reservation, check-in, and boarding process from behind the podium to the frontlines. For Airline employees, getting travelers from check-in to assigned seats is manageable with seamless navigation that creates continuity between moving parts.  

HP Workflow
UI screen

It would be hard to find a better innovation partner.

– Jonathan Walker, User Experience Director

Wings to Fly

We zoomed in and out of details to distill an interaction model to its simplest form. We outlined a scalable interface that could accommodate known and future requirements and allowed product groups to reach alignment and move in a common direction. To generate buy-in and excitement, we polished the experience and presented proof-of-concept demos for different environments.