Case Study

Ongoing Partnership For Complex Interaction Challenges


Recently acquired by LexisNexis, Lex Machina was voted Best New Legal Service in 2014. We’ve been partnering with them since the beginning, making data analysis useful and beautiful.

What We Did
  • Product Strategy & Requirements
  • Information Architecture
  • Interaction Design
  • Visual Design
What We Delivered
  • Product Design
  • Long-term Partnership
  • Data Visualization
Lex Machina Docket Entries Dashboard

Transforming Raw Data into Meaninful Insights

Lex Machina consolidates massive libraries of legal data into a single platform with user-friendly flows and rich data visualizations. Alongside our Lex partners, we created an innovative interaction model and made use of cutting-edge technology that led to Lex’s recent acquisition, and with it, a breadth of new possibility.

Lex Machina Sitemap

A Simplified Structure

How do you design an interface that allows for deep exploration and promotes organic insight finding while also surfacing quick, concrete answers when necessary? You create a uniform system that progressively discloses greater detail through interaction and appears clean (and even a little basic) at first glance.

A Visual System for Quick Comprehension

We leverage visual cues to distill complex data into actionable insights. Before designing visualizations, we isolate the most essential stories and trends to highlight based on user needs. Though the data is uniform throughout, we’ve designed a system that presents information in creative ways to answer a wide array of questions through insights.

Lex Machina Data Visualization
Lex Machina Data Visualization
Lex Machina Data Visualization

 The Awasu team’s professionalism and competency were consistent from start to finish, as were their optimism and energy. They pack a big punch for a small agency and it would be hard to find a better innovation partner. I would gladly work with Awasu again.”

– Karl Harris, VP Product

Extending the Winning Experience

With Lex Machina’s recent acquisition and incredible influx of new information, we’re extending the winning experience to additional litigation categories. We started with a foundational, abstracted framework and big picture view to gain a shared understanding of how the new portal will behave at a holistic level.

Lex Machina Data Visualization