Case Study

Together We’ve Gone Far


We’re proud to be a trusted partner of Wells Fargo, coming together for more than 20 projects over 10 years.

What We Do
  • Product Design
  • Experience Design
  • Visual Design
  • Content Strategy
  • User Research
  • Service Design
  • Innovation Leadership
  • Roadmapping
  • Team Building
  • Organizational Effectiveness
What We Delivered
  • Responsive Website Redesigns
  • Custom CRM Tool
  • iPad Web Experience
  • Digital Strategy Concepts & Plans
  • Re-org Strategy & Rollout Materials
  • Product Development Roadmaps


Project Snapshot

Mortgage & Home Equity Experience

Duration: 10 months

Wells Fargo’s Mortgage and Home Equity website is one of the largest mortgage traffic centers in the world. Multiple business units, many decision makers, and 1000s of documents came together to create this fully integrated, comprehensive digital experience. Our needs-based, user-focused information architecture now serves as the model for the entire Wells Fargo site.

Mortgage & Home Equity Sitemap

Awasu Design’s confidence, intelligence, tenacity, focus, diplomacy, and mastery of their craft are evident on every call.

WF Mortgage Scorecard Awards

Home lending content at wellsfargo.com is a model of user-centered design. Paths through the site are clear, motivational statements invite shoppers to come through the process and users can determine easily, based on their intention, how to take the next step—get a preapproval, set up a conversation, etc.

– Keynote Scorecard
WF Mobile Strategy Graphic


Project Snapshot

The Wealth Group Mobile Strategy

Duration: 10 weeks

Wells Fargo’s Wealth Management Group knew they needed to equip their Wealth Managers and clients with a modern, compelling mobile experience.

First they needed a strategy and a plan. We studied how wealth advisors engage their clients, model their process, and identify key opportunities. We concepted new iPad applications, creating a suite of recommendations that included short-term wins as well as future-state advancements. To plan for success, we created a 15-month product roadmap that shows how to bring each idea to life.


Project Snapshot

Internal Communications Optimization

Duration: 9 weeks

Everyone needs information to do their jobs well (typically found in the form of weekly updates, news, announcements, etc.). However, one group within Wells Fargo had so much information dissemination that it was drowning in detail, making it hard for the group to do what it does best: serve customers and generate revenue. The team needed a smarter system.

We started with a quick ROI analysis, showing how much of an opportunity was lost to impaired productivity. We then interviewed team members and content creators, mapped information flows, and inventoried content types. We identified new approaches, created a pilot group of advocates and ambassadors, and guided a phased roadmap to support a cultural change. We designed a new, internal, magazine-style portal for all communications to reside, including social features, the ability to rate and save content, and customization for information streams. Now team members have the right information at the right time and can provide better service to their clients.

WF Internal Communications Representation
WF Securities Research Portal


Project Snapshot

Personalized Tablet Portal for Analyst Reports

Duration: 9 weeks

The Wells Fargo Wholesale Securities Research group produces an impressive number of reports: roughly 70 per day. Consumers of these reports—fund managers, institutional investors, etc.—need to follow only the analysts, companies, topics, and trends they care about. We created the group’s first iPad experience, setting a standard for the internal team to develop additional tablet products. We brought new social and personalization features to the experience, including the ability to follow, rate, share, save, and comment on the content.


Project Snapshot

Design Team Reorganization

Duration: 4 months

Wells Fargo’s digital design team had grown to an impressive matrixed group of over 100 designers, researchers, producers, prototypers, and others. At this size, the team had several challenges.

We partnered with Wells Fargo to restructure siloed teams, optimize for ownership and specialization, and build a design community with central leadership.

We helped them reorganize to multiple, semi-autonomous studios. We created roll-out materials, conducted transition workshops, and facilitated co-creation of the new Studio Lead role. As a result, the team experienced stronger leadership, more effective project execution, and increased team morale.



Project Snapshot

Wells Fargo Labs

Duration: Ongoing

We’ve been teaming up with Wells Fargo’s innovation group on a variety of projects. From HoloLens and Virtual Reality experiences to identity design and environmental design, we’ve covered a lot of ground.

WF Labs