Case Study

A Redesign for Yelp Reservations


The Yelp brand is working well (5 stars!) for the 90 million unique visitors who come to Yelp every month to find great local businesses. As a subset of Yelp, Yelp Reservations provides restaurants with a modern approach to online restaurant reservations and table management. We partnered with Yelp Reservations to reintroduce their offering in an elegant and approachable marketing site that speaks confidently to a new audience—restaurant owners
and managers.

What We Did
  • Visual Design
  • Content Strategy
  • Copywriting
  • Development Support
What We Delivered
  • Full Service Site Redesign
  • Illustrations & Animations
Yelp Reservations Display Mockups

Helping Yelp 86 the Competition

With Yelp’s incredible reach and the best software to manage guest flow and reservations, the benefits of switching to Yelp Reservations stack up quickly. Yelp offers a flat rate, no cover fees, free hardware, modern software, and easy in-page booking. For big restuarants, switching to Yelp means saving tens of thousands dollars every year. It’s a no brainer.

Our challenge: get the good word out and gain the trust of a new audience.

86 The Competition

The First Course: Guiding Principles

Before diving into design, our team built alignment around a set of principles to serve as a foundation for creative thinking. These principles ground our divergent ideation in actionable business and user goals.

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    Turn the Tables

    Reinvent Yelp Reservations to be more attractive to restaurant owners and operators.

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    Emphasize that Size Matters

    Capitalize on Yelp’s remarkable reach.

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    Serve Two Audiences

    Deliver the right message to restaurant owners and redirect diners to make a reservation.

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    Win on Plating

    Create a look and feel that celebrates restaurant culture.

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    See the Proof in the Pudding

    Highlight the diner’s “make a reservation” experience to support claims.

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    Expedite Demos

    Reduce barriers and make getting in touch easy.

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    Showcase Happy Customers

    Illustrate value and address switching fears head on with case studies and testimonials.

Look & Feel Fit for a Culinary Community

Yelp’s brand is quirky, playful, and represents their grassroots, community-driven approach to crowdsourced content. However, to make an impact with restaurant professionals, Yelp Reservations needed a new, more sophisticated expression of the brand. We crafted three distinct departures that celebrate restaurant culture and communicate professionalism, while maintaining the integrity of the brand.

Visual Design Direction 1
Visual Design Direction 2
Yelp Reservations Case Study

Expressing Divergent Concepts

We crafted three divergent messaging and conceptual directions for the homepage, each one telling a unique story and creating opportunity for differentiation.

Divergent Concept Sketches
Divergent Concept Sketches
No More Open Tables Wireframe Concept

01: No More Open Tables

Playing off the main competitor’s name, we highlight a primary value prop—with Yelp, you’ll fill your restaurant’s tables.

02: At Your Service

By showcasing the booking and browsing experience for Yelp’s customers, we highlight the opportunity that Yelp’s reach creates for restaurant owners.

At Your Service Wireframe Concept
We're On Your Side Wireframe Concept

03: We’re On Your Side

Relatable, clear messaging illustrates that Yelp understands restaurant owner’s pain points and speaks their language.

Bringing it All to Life

We worked closely with Yelp’s development team to finesse transitions, animations, and designs before moving toward launch. Thousands of people are now booking tables at their favorite restaurants, and you can too!

Yelp Reservations Final Mockups