AI-Powered Energy Storage and Distribution

What We did
  • User Experience
  • Interaction Design
  • Visual Design
What We delivered
  • Product Design

Intertie's cutting-edge solar microgrids utilize AI technology to store and distribute energy efficiently, minimizing waste and maximizing output. In addition to this, Intertie's microgrids include EV chargers as part of the system, making sustainable electric vehicle charging easier than ever.

Just Because You Can, Doesn’t Mean You Should

Awasu and Intertie both believe that less is more. Throughout the design process, we resisted the temptation to include information just because we could. Instead, we took a user-centric approach, ensuring that every piece of information included in the interface was there for a reason. By focusing on the needs of the end user, we were able to create an interface that is both powerful and intuitive.

Bold Simplicity

Our approach to interface design and data visualization is all about making complex information easy to understand. We achieve this by prioritizing readability in all of our projects. Our clean and intuitive designs use legible fonts and clear layouts to ensure that users can quickly and easily digest important information.

The whole project came out better than expected and we’re getting good feedback from our investors and partners. Hope to work with you again soon!

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