Nextracker's Dashboard for Effortless Solar Farm Control

What We did
  • Product Definition
  • User Experience
  • Interaction Design
  • Visual Design
What We delivered
  • iPad-First App

Nextracker is a company that designs and manufactures advanced solar tracking systems for utility-scale solar power plants. We partnered with Nextracker to create a new dashboard interface that allows users to control their solar farms, see various analytics and reports, and perform various diagnostics, making it easy to monitor and control the performance of their solar power plants.

Functional and Beautiful

Awasu partnered with Nextracker to create a revolutionary dashboard interface for managing solar power plants. Our cutting-edge design allows users to seamlessly control the solar trackers, monitor equipment status, and analyze weather activity, performance, solar stow activity and maintenance activity all in one central location. With this comprehensive view, users can make informed decisions to optimize the performance of their solar farm.

Nextracker dashboard

Functional Data Viz

We designed an interactive visualization tool for real-time monitoring and control of solar tracker angles. It provides a quick and clear overview of the farm performance by displaying sun position, current angle of the tracker, and the percentage of trackers on target. The user-friendly design allows for easy optimization of the solar farm's performance, making it a valuable tool for managers.

Nextracker data viz

Extending and Scaling

After completing the initial design and system, we extended design components and U.I. elements throughout critical screens to achieve a consistent and cohesive experience for our end-users. This approach ensured that the final product was not only functional but also visually pleasing.

Nextracker dashboard scaling
Nextracker dashboard direction modal
Nextracker Dashboard Equipment list

Awasu is awesome and really understands the renewable energy space like champs


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